Unit II. Visualizing Values

This unit introduces the concept of values. Students first consider what it is that they value as individuals. Then they examine the photographs of Zion Ozeri to find examples of Jewish values in practice. Through small- and large-group discussion, students engage constructively in communal decision-making to develop a list of core Jewish values. This exploration provides an opportunity for students to make illustrative comparisons across different value systems. They can explore some of these values more deeply through a variety of activities, including a series of worksheets that feature Talmud-like explorations of images and text. Finally, students can create their own commentaries by mining the connections among image, value, and text.

Let my people go, NY, USA

Lesson 7: Personal Values

In this lesson, students consider their personal values and create collages that reflect these values.

Lesson 8: Jewish Values

In this lesson, students move from a discussion of personal values to a focus on Jewish values. They try to identify the Jewish values reflected in Zion Ozeri’s photographs and begin to compile a list of core Jewish...

Lesson 9: Prioritizing Jewish Values

In this lesson, students refine and prioritize the list of key Jewish values that they began to formulate in the previous lesson.

Lesson 10: Exploring Jewish Values in Depth [one or more sessions]

Through these activities, students explore the meaning and relevance of specific Jewish values in their lives.

Lesson 11: The Visual Talmud

In this lesson, students begin to create their own “visual Talmud pages,” linking images and values with a variety of textual and visual commentaries.

Lesson 12: Studying the Visual Talmud

In this lesson, students present and learn from each other’s visual Talmud pages.

For Further Exploration

Here are some additional ways to extend this unit or explore its themes in greater depth.