Unit III. Exploring Peoplehood and Community

This unit helps your students explore their community and connection to Jewish Peoplehood. It comprises six lessons, many of which can be extended across several class periods if desired. We encourage you to integrate these Peoplehood lessons into your ongoing Jewish studies explorations—and modify them as you see fit—in order to enhance your students’ understanding of the global Jewish community, life, and diversity of tradition.

Lesson 13: What is Community?

Time: 50 minutes Materials: Laptop and LCD projectorPhotograph Waiting for Seven Jews by Zion OzeriPeoplehood Worksheet 1A: Objective and SubjectivePeoplehood Worksheet 1B: What Is Community – Jewish TextsBlackboard or chart paper  Preparation: Set up projector to display the photograph Waiting for...

Lesson 14: Documenting your community

In this lesson, students explore the meaning of community and begin to take photographs that depict their own communities.

Lesson 15: World Jewish Communities

Time: 50 minutes Materials: World map or GooglemapsThumb tacks or sticky notesCopies of all photographs by Zion OzeriPeoplehood Worksheet 3A: Diverse Jewish CommunitiesResearch materials and/or Internet access  Preparation: Have a world map available as well as prints by Zion...

Lesson 16: Presenting Jewish Communities

Time: 50 minutes Materials: World mapLaptop and LCD projectorStudent presentations  Preparation: Come up with an order for the student presentations and a strict time limit for each so that all students have an opportunity to present. Overview: In this...

Lesson 17: Jewish Peoplehood

Time: 50 minutes Materials: Photograph: Cave by Zion Ozeri Additional photographs by Zion Ozeri, for example:– Honorable Discharge– Circumcision Ceremony– The Secret– Backpack– Oil Pressers– Synagogue Attic– Barefoot Passages– Nuptials– Tisha B’Av– Scribe– Jewish Teens from Northern Westchester– Soldier...

Let my people go, NY, USA

Lesson 18: Peoplehood and Responsibility

Time: 50 minutes Materials: Photograph: Let My People Go, by Zion OzeriPeoplehood Worksheet 6APeoplehood Worksheet 6B Preparation: Set up projector to display the photograph Let My People Go. If laptop and projector are not available, make high-resolution photocopies of the photograph...

For Further Exploration

Some additional ways to extend this unit or explore its themes in greater depth: