Unit III. Exploring Peoplehood and Community - Lesson 16: Presenting Jewish Communities


50 minutes


World map
Laptop and LCD projector
Student presentations 


Come up with an order for the student presentations and a strict time limit for each so that all students have an opportunity to present.


In this lesson, students present their research on Jewish communities of the world.

Big Idea:

World Jewry is diverse, but there are also many commonalities among the Jewish communities around the globe.

Introduction (5 minutes):

Explain that all students will be presenting their work during this lesson. Students should have completed their research and prepared their presentations on Jewish communities.  

Note: You may need more than one lesson for presentations, depending on the size of your class.


Student Presentations (40 minutes):

  1. Have students present their work.
  2. Have each student point out the location of his or her community on the world map before starting.
  3. As each student presents, project the photograph by Zion Ozeri that served as the basis for his or her research.

If there are members of your local community who come from any of the communities depicted in Ozeri’s photographs, you might invite them to visit your class and speak with students about their background and experiences.


Wrap-Up (5 minutes):

Ask students:

  • What is one thing you learned from the other presentations?
  • What commonalities or differences do you see among the different presentations?
  • What is one thing that surprised you?
  • What is one thing that you’re still curious about?