Unit II. Visualizing Values - Lesson 12: Studying the Visual Talmud


50 minutes


Thumbtacks or tape to hang student work
Copies of Worksheet T: Studying the Visual Talmud
Students’ Talmud pages
Blackboard or chart paper


Make photocopies of worksheet T (one for each student). Have thumb tacks or tape available for students to hang their work.


In this lesson, students present and learn from each other’s visual Talmud pages.

Big Idea:

A written text or image can be interpreted and commented on in multiple ways, and we can learn from others’ interpretations and commentaries.

Set-up and Introduction (15 minutes):

  1. Students should have completed their Talmud pages for this class (either as homework or during previous sessions). Ask students to hang their work around the classroom (using tape or thumbtacks).
  2. Have students return to their seats.
  3. Hand out Worksheet T.
  4. Explain to students that they will be walking around the classroom, looking at all of the Talmud pages, and answering the questions on the worksheet.
  5. Review the worksheet with students to make sure there are no questions.


Museum Walk (25 minutes)

Have students walk around the room and complete the worksheet.


Debrief (20 minutes):

  1. In a class discussion, review students’ responses to the questions on Worksheet T. Ask students:
    • Which central image particularly caught your eye? What was interesting about it?
    • Which commentary was especially surprising? What was surprising about it?
  2. Finally, ask students:
    After studying these photographs and the Talmud pages of your fellow students, are there any more Jewish values you would add to your class list?
  3. Add to the list as appropriate.