Contest Schedule and Important Dates

[This is what’s currently on the page from this past year; content will need to be updated annually:]


The Jewish Lens ANU International 2021-22 Schedule 


The Jewish Lens program can take place at any time of the school year. We ask for submissions to the international contest by February 2022, but if your community gallery takes place after that, then photos can be submitted at the end of the program for the following January. As participants come from all over the world and are on different school year schedules, we want to stress that this program should work for you both logistically and in content. 


Important Dates 

  1. Ongoing: Registration open 
  2. November 3rd , 2021: Special online webinars for JL educators and students in English 
  3. January 2022: Special online tour and webinar for JL educators in Hebrew (date TBA) 
  4. February 2022: Special online tour and webinar for JL educators and students in Hebrew (date TBA) 
  5. February 20th, 2022: The final date when institutions (via their educator/students/school committees) select 3 of their best photos. The educator/facilitator will upload the selected photos via ANU website, along with a photographer’s note. This year, we are asking for photos that show “The Jewish Lens: Exploring Nature and Environment” 
  6. March 2022: Winners for The Jewish Lens @ ANU contest are announced. 
  7. March 2022: Opening of the Jewish Lens exhibit at ANU displaying the winning photos. 


Suggested process 

∙ Educators complete Jewish Lens core units (1, 2, 3) provided here. Additional content can be found on the same page, as well as Zion Ozeri’s Jewish Lens website. 

∙ Students complete final assignment of creating a photograph that captures nature and environment, together with a photographer’s note. 

∙ Create a local exhibit which can be exhibited during the school year. Exhibit can be in-person and virtual. 

∙ The educator/facilitator will upload three selected photos via the Worldwide Jewish Album 

∙ ANU – Museum of the Jewish People, via an international judging committee, selects winning photos to be displayed at the annual Jewish Lens exhibit